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2016: El Niño, still growing

Many in the California's Los Angeles County were beginning to think El Niño passed through, but - not so fast.

Whyit's called El Niño - to me, is a mockery of something dear and sacred, (referring to baby Jesus), so named because the pool of warm water in the Pacific near South America is often at its warmest around December.  The devastation for unprepared communities is a horror.

"Now, as I recall, hurricanes are titled alphabetically 
                             - why couldn't they call it 'Exit'?

HOUSE PHONE, CELL may be down; but UP your 2-Way Radio

Linda says. . . . Radio Communications: buy them now -- specifically withFRS/GMRS/Walkie-Talkie type radios!  They're inexpensive, easy to operate, and you don't need a license (except for certain bands in GMRS), and they'reFUN!!! 

In the event of a disaster, our main avenues of communications will probably go down -- cell phone towers will fall, and batteries will fail, and land lines will be overloaded.  Television and radio will be spotty at best.  Some of us have elected to go the HAM radio route, but not all are so inclined.

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2016: El Niño, still growing
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