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NOW HIRING: Former Burglars and Robbers

What if we started giving jobs to the hopelessly unemployed: released Burlars and Robbers.I don't know about your City, but in my City - every week the Herald Examiner has a section listing the Violations in the neighborhood and yes - I am tired of seeing week after week burglaries, increasing, getting closer and closer to our home.  What can we do about these individuals that feel they must resort to stealing for survival?
We need to give 
               burglars a job

2016: El Niño, still growing

Many in the California's Los Angeles County were beginning to think El Niño passed through, but - not so fast.

Whyit's called El Niño - to me, is a mockery of something dear and sacred, (referring to baby Jesus), so named because the pool of warm water in the Pacific near South America is often at its warmest around December.  The devastation for unprepared communities is a horror.

"Now, as I recall, hurricanes are titled alphabetically 
                             - why couldn't they call it 'Exit'?

What does NPM mean to your FAMILY and BUSINESS??

Linda says. . . Gosh, how did it get to be September already?!?  Here we are at anotherNational Preparedness Month!  So, what have YOU done to prepare since last September?  Got those water barrels filled and secure?  Or at least a good collection of water bottles and jugs on hand?   Have you stocked your pantry really well with several weeks worth of groceries?  Checked your First Aid Kit to make sure all items are up to date?  Put together a "stash" of extra medications for everyone in the family?

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NOW HIRING: Former Burglars and Robbers
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What does NPM mean to your FAMILY and BUSINESS??
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