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NOW HIRING: Former Burglars and Robbers

What if we started giving jobs to the hopelessly unemployed: released Burlars and Robbers.I don't know about your City, but in my City - every week the Herald Examiner has a section listing the Violations in the neighborhood and yes - I am tired of seeing week after week burglaries, increasing, getting closer and closer to our home.  What can we do about these individuals that feel they must resort to stealing for survival?
We need to give 
               burglars a job

I knew a man in my late 20's who told me his story.  He had ran away from the East to come West when he was only an adolescent, by hitching rides from truckers.  Unable to make a living in California, he got into drugs, then stealing - and later mastering the art of removing car radios (in less than 8 minutes).  The young, handsome, eloquent young African-American youth was so brilliant at removing stereos, the Police couldn't keep up with him.  Well, he finally got caught and jailed.  While in prison, he said he learned great things.  He learned how to shave (wow!). Turns out, as a boy, he witnessed his drunk dad physically kicked out of the house- never to be seen again.
   Sad story turn into an interesting journey  
While in prison, (doing what inmates do in their leisure time - - watch the Tube) he saw a TV show displaying a guy breaking into a car, stealing a stereo.  He wrote to the Producers explaining how it's really done, and they told him, once he got out - they wanted to hire him.  Soon after being released from prison, the young man became an actor in the show, and from there - the Police who knew of this young man's nobility demeanor, helped genius (who was now on Probation) get a job at a local Tow truck company, later a position with Brinks.  This lead to a new path as maturity set in, helping him get re-established and appreciate his new role in society. Can we do this as a whole approach to reducing crime and hopelessness? LINK: 

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