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2016: El Niño, still growing

Many in the California's Los Angeles County were beginning to think El Niño passed through, but - not so fast.

Why it's called El Niño - to me, is a mockery of something dear and sacred, (referring to baby Jesus), so named because the pool of warm water in the Pacific near South America is often at its warmest around December.  The devastation for unprepared communities is a horror.

"Now, as I recall, hurricanes are titled alphabetically 
                             - why couldn't they call it 'Exit'???

To understand the El Niño phenomena, one must remember the 1997-98 torrid rains (where you in Southern California then?).  The hurricane savagely entered through Mexico's premier tourist town, leaving behind horrid inundations and numerous deaths.  It tucked away for a bit, only to enter (without a Visa) into Orange County bringing the strongest showers ever - floods everywhere.
Los Angeles was next with the pounding of emotional storms that never looked back, causing billions in damage and some restructuring of our roadways, not to mention the enourmous death toll. 
The ripple induced by the jet stream is like a wave (even animals and insects never seen in SoCal beging to show up), that travels along affects weather in disparate regions around the world.  So, it's a great conversational topic to remind folks around the globe to prepare for this angry disturbance.
Good thing this maddening blow is forecasted to weaken as we welcome the sunny, Southern California Spring season.  Providing we don't experience another rave of 'New York' temperatures.

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