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HOUSE PHONE, CELL may be down; but UP your 2-Way Radio

Linda says . . . . Radio Communications: buy them now -- specifically with FRS/GMRS/Walkie-Talkie type radios!  They're inexpensive, easy to operate, and you don't need a license (except for certain bands in GMRS), and they're FUN!!! 

In the event of a disaster, our main avenues of communications will probably go down -- cell phone towers will fall, and batteries will fail, and land lines will be overloaded.  Television and radio will be spotty at best.  Some of us have elected to go the HAM radio route, but not all are so inclined.  The little radios mentioned above may be the only communications many of us will have with the rest of the community!

If you haven't done so yet, I urge you to go out and purchase a pair of these radios with the charger that comes with them.  You can pick up the whole outfit for considerably less than $100 at Costco, sporting goods stores, some pharmacies, and even some hardware stores

Better yet, urge a neighbor to do the same thing!  Then, you will be able to talk to each other as you check your neighborhood for casualties and damage after that disaster hits!

Then, you'll be able to talk to others and to many of us in the Community to share information about open shelters, grocery stores, pharmacies, hospitals, needed medical attention, etc. -- information that could be vitally important! 

Come practice with us!!

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