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What does NPM mean to your FAMILY and BUSINESS??

Linda says . . . Gosh, how did it get to be September already?!?  Here we are at another National Preparedness Month!  So, what have YOU done to prepare since last September?  Got those water barrels filled and secure?  Or at least a good collection of water bottles and jugs on hand?   Have you stocked your pantry really well with several weeks worth of groceries?  Checked your First Aid Kit to make sure all items are up to date?  Put together a "stash" of extra medications for everyone in the family?  Collected copies of all those important documents and have them readily accessible?  Managed to put aside some extra cash in small bills?  Have your "Bug Out Bag" (72-Hour Survival Kit), near the front door and ready to go?

So many things to think about and do, and who knows how much time we have to accomplish all these things!?!  And now, I want to add a couple MORE things to your list!  I'm sure you've heard the weather prognosticators say that there's a good chance we're in for an El Nino winter with the possibility of a lot of rain.  The time to prepare for that is NOW!  Does your roof need some attention?  Don't wait til the rain starts seeping through -- a roofer will be almost impossible to get when you're standing there with water dripping off your nose!  Also, get those gutters and downspouts cleaned out now!  What a mess they can be when they're filled with debris and start to overflow!  (Mine have a favorite spot to do that -- right at my front door!)  Might be a good time to think about getting some water barrels to store some of that precious liquid in for plants and bushes next summer, too!

Have your car checked out mechanically.  Are your brakes in really good shape?  And please, be sure to have your tires looked at!  Nothing worse than slick tires on wet pavement!  And get a new set of windshield wiper blades installed NOW!  Stash an umbrella and a poncho (slicker style), in the car, with some fresh water and non perishable snacks in there too, along with a First Aid Kit.  And make sure all your cars' flashlights have fresh batteries, your toolkit stock has been replenished, and that you have flares or some other way of signaling other drivers that you're broken down.  Is your spare tire in good shape?  Do you have all the tools to change a tire?  Do you have a good set of jumper cables?  Might be a good idea to invest in a car cell phone charger if you don't have one, also!
I know, so much to think about, so little time, so little money!  But do just one or two things each week and you'll be amazed at how quickly you'll get them all done! 

Linda Pruett is Co-Chair
Emergency Preparedness CommitteeLake Balboa Neighborhood Council

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What does NPM mean to your FAMILY and BUSINESS??
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